TEA, Progreso ISD Headed to Court

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AUSTIN - The Texas Education Agency and Progreso ISD face off in court Monday in Austin.

A judge will decide whether or not the school district will move forward with the board of managers or let the current school board stay in place. Both TEA and Progreso ISD officials are expected to testify.

The hearing started at 9 a.m. Attorneys from the TEA and the school district had their opening statements.

Progreso ISD’s attorney argued that the current school board has done nothing wrong. The attorney pointed out the corruption took place from the school board members in 2013.

The judge gave TEA and the district two-and-a-half hours each to bring witnesses.

The school district’s attorneys called for employees with the TEA, including the director of school governance. The board president, Juan Ramos Jr, was also called to testify.

The TEA is questioning their witnesses they brought to the stand.

In December, the TEA appointed a board of managers to replace the school district’s trustees. The state agency announced their decision after lowering Progreso ISD’s accreditation from good standing to accredited-warned.

During a special accreditation investigation, TEA officials found the district suffered a severe loss of credibility because of multiple incidents of fraud in the district’s finances.

The investigation revealed $229,000 dollars of taxpayers’ money was spent at a local restaurant, owned by former board members.

In January, a judge granted a temporary restraining order blocking the TEA-appointed board of managers from stepping in.

The hearing is set to continue on Tuesday beginning at 9 a.m.

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