GEAR UP Mentor Learns from Past Experiences

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DONNA — Experience and a helping hand is what one GEAR UP student said led him to become a leader at his school.

Joel Guerrero is not a typical a junior at Donna High. He said he feels like a leader because of a very important person in his life when he was just a freshman.

“I really enjoyed seeing my ambassador every day,” Guerrero said. “He taught me things I didn't know. It was always a learning experience, and I want to show people the same thing.”

Guerrero is an ambassador and mentor at Donna High.

“For an ambassador, I think you need to be able to show people your mistakes and how you messed up,” he said. 

Guerrero said he’s learned from his past.

“Freshman year kind of sucked, with like grades and like testing,” he said. “If I knew not to be absent to be exempt from tests, that would have helped my GPA a lot. So helping people through my mistakes and not their own is a good reason.”

Guerrero said the GEAR UP ambassador program and other GEAR UP activities are making a difference.

“Me and my fellow students in the ambassador program are geared more towards leadership things,” he said. “And we always get thrown into things like go to HESTEC, go to UTPA and learn some things… so we are always getting new experiences every single day.”

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