Brownsville Police Searching for Missing 15-Year-Old

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BROWNSVILLE — The search for a missing 15-year-old girl continues. A Brownsville mother reported her daughter ran away from home. She last heard from her 14 days ago.

The only physical contact Maria Nieto has with her daughter now is holding her printed photograph.

“I feel really bad about what is going on,” Nieto said. “I love all my kids. But I feel frustrated that me, myself, cannot help her where she is at.”

Nieto filed a police report with the Brownsville Police Department on March 10. She said her daughter, Rosalinda Gonzalez, ran off with her boyfriend.

“The person that I spoke to, who is the father of the boyfriend, he doesn't sound to honest,” Nieto said. “He is saying a lot of lies. And he is confusing me more. And that is why I feel that something bad might happen to her over there with those people.

Nieto said she’s concerned because her daughter has a medical condition.

“She has an attention deficit disorder and she is borderline autistic,” Nieto said. “Right now, she is not taking any medication. She is supposed to go to her doctor every month, psychiatrist and her cognitive counselor, like two days a week, sometimes three.”

Brownsville Police Detective Melissa Gonzalez is in charge of the case. She said she’s concerned the teen may have gone into Mexico.

“I'm not going to sit here and tell you that there is no danger, because it’s coming out in the news that there's shootings and stuff like that,” Detective Gonzalez said. “So there's danger, potential threat, while she's over there."

Gonzalez is working with Mexican authorities on this case.

“I notified the Mexican Consulate and they're aware of the situation,” Gonzalez said. “The bridges have already been notified, just in case she's in Mexico and she crosses back. They will detain her.”

Nieto said she’s also filed a report with Mexican authorities. She said she has a message for her daughter.

“Rosalinda, I love you a lot and understand that you have to come back to your home,” Nieto said. “We miss you; we love you. You have a life over here that is totally different from what you are living right now.”

Nieto said she hopes to get answers soon.

Anyone with information is asked to call Brownsville police at 956-546-8477.

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