Clinic Offering ‘Hope’ to Families Affected by Diabetes

Posted: Updated: Mar 25, 2016 02:31 PM

MCALLEN – Diabetes isn’t biased, but it is more prevalent to one particular group of people.

According to a study from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, low income families face the disease more often than others.

Hope Clinic in McAllen wants to help. They’re offering these families some “hope.”

Doctors at the clinic said they want to help quiet the concerns. “We have something like eight or 10 doctors that volunteer here and some physician extenders, PA and nurse practitioners that help us. I’m not the only one,” Hope Clinic Medical Director Dr. Alberto Gutierrez said. “I can’t take credit. A lot of us help out, all of us are volunteers. None of us get paid.”

The people at the clinic help diagnose and treat patients, then teach them how to eat and how to move.

“Of course it’s scary to get diagnosed, but we have support here in the community,” Hope Family Health Center Executive Director Rebecca Stocker said. “At home, we have our physicians who are amazing; we have our specialist and our transitional specialist, our nutritionists. We have everything we can do to help you get through this and work towards your health.”

The clinic is helping more people every day. Dr. Gutierrez said they see close to 40 patients a day, and about half of them are diabetic.

“There is an importance for people to be tested and not be ashamed to get tested. There are things you can do. If you’re pre-diabetic, there are steps you can take to prevent from getting diabetes,” Stocker said.

“For them, I really, really appreciate it. I really appreciate it,” Sylvia Navarro said. She developed diabetes four years ago.

She said the Hope Clinic is where she gets all her insulin and medication. “If it wasn’t for the Hope Clinic, I wouldn’t be here now,” she said. “Hope Clinic helps me a lot with insulin, advice.”

Navarro said she hopes with their help, she’ll be able to live a long, healthy life.

The Hope Clinic is for people without insurance. They take donations for payments and will accept a $5 donation for their help.

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