Tools Available to Help Diabetic Patients

Posted: Updated: Mar 25, 2016 09:30 PM

WESLACO – Doctors and researchers are always looking for better ways to prevent diabetes.

Devices are available for people living with diabetes. The tools measure blood sugar levels. Doctors can also prescribe pills and insulin pens to aid people.

Dr. Stephen Ponder works with children who have diabetes. He said there’s progress in treatment of the disease. The hope is to find something that will stop the disease.

“There are research projects to try and prevent diabetes from occurring in the first place, by using medications to change the direction of the immune system,” Dr. Ponder said.

However, no cure exists for the disease.

“The world is wide open right now, with many different kind of studies that are being done to try to prevent it. Some do better than others,” he said.

The question that is often asked is if there will ever be a cure.

“My position about a cure is this – the word cure means to care for, to attend to or to be concerned about a particular person, that is a literal interpretation about cure,” Dr. Ponder said.

He said he believes diabetes is cured every day by patients who stay alive one day to the next.

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