Judge: Progreso ISD Board Stays in Place

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PROGRESO – Progreso ISD said the judge’s ruling means the school board will not be dissolved. The school district was in Austin fighting a change brought by the Texas Education Agency.

People are upset about the facts that led to the judge’s decision. School board members are distancing themselves from what happened before.

Many Progreso residents have a connection to the school district. Guadalupe Erebia is a taxpayer. He also worked as a janitor for 10 years at Progreso schools.

He said during those years, things were always the same.

Last year, the Texas Education Agency finished an investigation on the district. They found money was used fraudulently. “The bribes. The former superintendent’s misuse of credit cards, stuff like that,” Progreso ISD Board of Trustees President Juan J. Ramos Jr. said.

The reports prompted the TEA’s decision to dissolve the elected board with a board of managers. The change was temporarily halted.

The school district challenged the TEA’s procedure for making the change. The district also argued things are different now.

“Everything that they’re based on is from back in 2013. It’s nothing based on the current board. All the allegations are from the past,” Ramos said.

He said taxpayers benefit more if they keep their elected board. “It’s the people’s voice, and the people selected the board. It’s their voice. It’s their vote. Bringing a board of managers, it just seems like the people’s voice doesn’t count anymore,” he said.

Some taxpayers said they hope to see improvements. “Queremos ayuda,” Erebia said. “Que no nos echen el dinero a la bolsa.”

The school district’s attorney spoke with CHANNEL 5 NEWS. He said the board can expect an appeal to the decision.