Residents Concerned over Massive Border Patrol Roundup

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FRONTON — More than 100 people were caught crossing the border illegally in Fronton, Texas. Residents in the area are now voicing their concerns.

People who live near Fronton are wondering if this is the new normal for them. Residents said they’ve never seen such large groups cross at the same time.

The seemingly sleepy town of Fronton is actually a hotspot for illegal activity. In January, CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported on drugs seized from a vehicle trying to feel back to Mexico, and in a separate incident, a Border Patrol agent was involved in a shootout there.

Splashdowns and car chases are common in Fronton. Neighbors said they can sometimes hear gun battles happening in Mexico. They said they’re used to constant surveillance from the sky and on the ground.

“There’s always Border Patrol and DPS,” a resident said. “We're just used to it, but not used to people like that. We were really, really surprised.” The resident is referring to the 102 people who were caught trying to cross the border illegally on Tuesday. Seventy-three of those caught were men; 12 women and seven juveniles were also caught.

Agents saw more than 80 crossing the river in rafts. More people joined the group shortly after.

We've seen guys on skis, driving back-and-forth along the river,” the resident said. “We can actually hear voices in traffic from the Mexican town on the other side.”

Neighbors said scouts constantly survey the area, waiting for the opportunity to cross drugs or people. The group of 102 people didn’t slide under the radar.

The Fronton resident said she hopes this isn’t the start of a new trend in the area.

“It kind of concerns me, because you don't know what's going to happen,” she said. “What are they here for? You just don't know what's going on.”

The Fronton resident said she’ll pay more attention when she hears the dogs barking. She’ll keep her eyes out for large groups.

People living in Fronton said they saw agents loading the group of 102 into Greyhound buses. The Fronton resident said this is the biggest group she’s seen in the area.

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