CNA Program Shows Students Real-World Medical Practices

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LA VILLA — GEAR UP students have all types of programs that will prepare them for their careers. One of those programs is called the Certified Nurse Assistant Program at La Villa High School.

Anay Rangel is the CNA instructor at La Villa High. She’s a licensed vocational nurse who teaches a small class of GEAR UP students who want to go into the medical field.

La Villa High Principal Sandra Nieto said the one-on-one these students get in the classroom is priceless.

“Before the year is over, we will have them certified in medical billing, phlebotomy, certified office assistant,” Nieto said. “They are doing an amazing job. They are here in the classroom, practicing going into the nursing homes.”

Many GEAR UP students agree that the CNA program is their favorite course.

“I met, like, so many different patients there, and it has really made a change in my life,” student Theresa Perez said. “I'm looking forward to seeing patients. Sooner or later, I will be able to help my family.”

The students use a dummy named Mr. Gonzalez to practice on. The dummy weighs more than 200 pounds, and students can take its blood pressure and can practice CPR on it.

CNA student Katheline Celeste Garcia said she loves practicing on the dummy.

The CNA class is making a difference in the student's classroom and in their lives.