Photographer Perspective: The Other Side of Channel 5 News

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WESLACO - CHANNEL 5 NEWS crews work daily to bring stories that matter to you. Many don't know about the other side of CHANNEL 5 NEWS that helps those in need. 

Photojournalist Rick Ramirez broke down those projects in his Photographer's Perspective. 

"A lot of what we do here at CHANNEL 5 is breaking news. 

We do everything from flooding, fire, car wrecks and crime. 

One of the things I love about CHANNEL 5 is the events we do to help Valley residents. 

We have Teach the Children which raises money for children who are in need of school supplies. 

Tim's Coats, which during cold weather helps those in need get warm cloths. 

And the Sharing Basket, which gets valley residents together to help those who don't have food during the holiday season. 

Those efforts are what I enjoy about my job that I am able to make a difference along with CHANNEL 5 by helping our community and my home a better place."