GEAR UP Sponsors College Admissions Essay Workshops

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EDINBURG — With graduation just around the corner, many high school seniors are getting ready for college.

GEAR UP students in the junior year are working to get a head start on their college admissions essays.

“I’m so excited; today is the culminating event, the workshop series sponsored by GEAR UP and the Texas Valley Communities Foundation called the College Essay Writing Project,” said Angela Delamar, education specialist at Region One ESC.

The event was a four-day series of workshops for GEAR UP students to work on their college admissions essays.

“It’s very important that they have a strong GPA,” Delamar said. “Their test scores are also very important. But quite often, the college admissions essay is the way for them to introduce themselves to the admission officers, who are making the final decisions.”

Delamar said, often times, college admissions officials are looking at applications, and they’re seeing nothing but numbers.

“The essay is a way for the admissions officer to get to know the applicant on a personal level,” Delamar said. “And the essay, should it stand out, should it be above and beyond creative and out of the box type thinking, the essay is the one where the admissions officer will say, ‘I have to get to know this student; they stand out.’”

Many top-tier schools use an application called “Common App.”

“One of the things that's required, that's part of the common application, is called a personal statement,” Delamar said. “The essays that the students here are working on are a personal statement, where they look at their core values, their core characteristics and anecdotes from their background.”

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