PAN Party Member New Presumptive Governor for Tamaulipas

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TAMAULIPAS, Mex. – More than 94 percent of the votes are counted in Tamaulipas’s race for governor.

Francisco Cabeza de Vaca has just over 50 percent of the vote. His closest opponent from the Institutional l Revolutionary Party (PRI) has 35 percent. It’s breaking the decades hold the PRI party has on the governor’s position.

Angeles de Leon, a Matamoros citizen, voted on Sunday for National Action Party (PAN) candidate Cabeza de Vaca. She said people want something different than the ruling PRI party.

 “I’m gonna work with the officials on the American side to make sure we’ve re-established the security on both sides of the border,” Cabeza de Vaca said.

He’s lived in the Rio Grande Valley. Now he’s tasked with keeping the peace in a violent Mexican state. Tamaulipas police forces have been disbanded and what’s left is Fuerza Tamaulipas.

“Fuerza Tamaulipas is a state force that patrols and enforces security in the whole state,” Gerardo Acevedo Danache, a Mexican attorney, said.

The PAN candidate said he will begin training state police on the American side.

“Some of the most recognized police academies in the world are in the United States. But not only that, I need to send a message of trust and confidence,” Cabeza de Vaca said.

He explained he will continue using Fuerza Tamaulipas for the short term. There are stipulations before local police can return.

“They need to prove first of all that they have the will to train them well,” he said.

The governor’s office also has a hand in economic development. The office presents the state budget for approval.

“More than 60 percent of the budget for Matamoros comes from the state or federation,” Danache said.

De Leon said she’s looking for a different future for her son, a life away from drugs and crime.

She added she hopes the new presumptive governor will do what he says.

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