Students Participate in Robotics Project

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MCALLEN – One of the most exciting parts of being a GEAR UP student is the chance to participate in some really unique projects. Recently, a group of students from McAllen High School took part in a robotics project.

Two GEAR UP students participated in the program that’s designed to enhance their social skills and creativity.

They embarked in a robotics challenge, they say, came without any direction but learned a lot.

“That was extremely difficult, seeing as we didn’t have any guide of some sort. All we had was the parts and no directions. And all we had was what the robot was supposed to do. You just kind of base it off of that,” Mark Valentin said.

Valentin and Ricky Vega presented their robot named Test at a competition and made it all the way to San Antonio. Although Test is no longer with them, the experience will stay with them for a long time.

“I just love the experience of it all, meeting new people and seeing these different faces and learning about their stories is great,” Valentin said.

A few weeks later, they presented their project to a group of parents and educators.

The students said the best part of the robotics challenge was learning how to work as a team.

“GEAR UP taught me how to be a leader with our robotics group, and how to work as a team and just how to interact with people better,” Vega said.

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