Community Comes Together for Operation “Hug a Cop”

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WESLACO – The Weslaco Mid Valley Lions Club and the Weslaco Police Department hosted an event aimed to promote a better relationship between the community and law enforcement.

Operation “Hug a Cop and Shake Their Hands” took place Friday morning at the police department. It gave the opportunity for citizens to meet the officers on an up close and personal basis.

The event comes after the recent actions and attitudes toward law enforcement personnel. The Weslaco police chief shared some words with the attendees.

“Following recent acts, we were set back a little bit. We were concerned. We may have even asked ourselves some hard questions about why we do what we do,” Weslaco Police Chief Stephen Scot Mayer said. “What we found was an incredible outpouring of support from our community. It reminded us, as police officers, why we do what we do. We do what we do because of you all.”

A special blessing by local clergy also took place.