Special Report: Man Risks Life Sharing Reports Online

Posted: Updated: Jul 22, 2016 04:16 PM

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas, Mexico – One man hopes to return to a city he’s fighting for.  Until then, he asks God to protect him and keep his identity hidden.

"We don't want anyone to know who we are. … We know fear. To get home and imagine they discovered you - that they've killed your family - it always crosses my mind,” he said.

The man works on the Reynosa Codigo Rojo, or Reynosa’s Code Red, social media accounts. He uses it to warn people about the violence in Reynosa.

Bullets fly. Cars burn. Reporters are scared to report.

"I don't like what my city has become,” he told CHANNEL 5 NEWS. "People say nothing is happening. A lot happens. We have evidence in our posts. Day after day. Night after night."

The Reynosa government sums up the violence in the color of a traffic light.  People want more. They find photos and videos on Reynosa Codigo Rojo.

"Our page gets of lot of messages,” the man explained. “When there's a shootout, lots of reports. Armed men. Lookouts. Bodyguards.”

The page also calls on authorities to make arrests. The man told us he’s angry with the people who would destroy his city.

"We're humble. We work morning to night. Then someone comes to rob us,” he said. “Because they feel like it? They like our truck? They like our phone?”

As a member of the accounts, he knows the risks, but he continues. He works remotely from a place he hopes is safe. 

Muit3 was the code name of an original member of Reynosa Codigo Rojo. In reality, she was Dr. Maria del Rosario Fuentes Rubio. Her life working with Codigo Rojo was discovered, and she was killed in 2014.

The man we spoke to said members are continually threatened. "They say they know who we are, where we live. They say they'll kill us. Just like what happened to Muit3,” he said.

But he’ll keep posting. He is aware that he can't get the life he once had back. 

"My city matters to me,” he said. "Until Reynosa is clean, until the peace returns to Reynosa, until then I think we keep the page active."

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