Delegate Hopes to See Historic Presidency

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PHILADELPHIA, Penn. – Thousands of delegates are at the Democratic National Convention.

Many worked for years to get the nomination to be there. That was the case for Clara Jones from Centerville, Texas.

The population of the town is more than 800. She said she’s a Democrat surrounded by Republicans.

“The one thing they know, they do not ask me to vote for them,” she said.

Jones said she gets along with her Republican neighbors. She’s been a democrat since 1984.

Most delegates didn’t earn their spot at the convention overnight.

“I always try to be a national delegate. Tried and tried and tried, this year I was successful. So I’m excited because I started this journey when I was 43. Now I’m 75,” Jones said.

She kept up as the only Democrat on the ballot in her home county. She’s been county chair for eight years. She said she helped recruit more Democrats in her area.

“We’re up about 50 percent in terms of having minorities working,” she said.

Jones has lived through different historic presidencies, such as Barack Obama serving as the commander in chief. She said she hopes to see another milestone this year.

“I’d love, before I close my eyes, to say I’ve seen a woman (president). Because that would give my daughters the chance to know they can be all that they can be,” she said.

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