Low Tide Opens Possible Walkway Between Mexico, U.S.

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BROWNSVILLE- The low tide at the mouth of the Rio Grande, near the edge of Boca Chica Beach, is exposing a sandbar that connects Mexico and the U.S.

Barry Goldsmith, spokesman for the National Weather Service, said the tide was one foot below the mean sea level on Thursday. It’s the lowest he’s seen in some time.

CHANNEL 5 First Warn Meteorologist Alan Shoemaker said these conditions will continue for several days.

“The tides we experience at our coast are generated primarily by the sun, moon and the gravitational force. That’s kind of pulling at the water, so it raises the water during high tide and lowers it at low tide. The tides we are experiencing right now are a little bit lower based on the position of the sun and moon, at least for the next few days. So that water may be about another six to 10 inches lower than normal tide,” explained Shoemaker.

Some Mexican fishermen were seen able to move freely from one country to another.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS asked U.S. Border Patrol if smugglers could take advantage of this corridor, since there was no local law enforcement presence around.

U.S. Border Patrol Spokesman Isaac Villegas said there are additional manpower, technology and infrastructure. Some of the technology used to secure the border may include cameras and sensors.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Captain James Dunk said it is illegal for fishermen to cross into U.S. territory. If they are caught by authorities, they could be placed under arrest.

The U.S. Coast Guard said they will keep monitoring the area.

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