Photographer's Perspective: More Than Just The Camera

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WESLACO- The camera may be the most important tool for any photojournalist but it's not the only piece of equipment photographers have on hand.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS Photojournalist Rick Stewart says his car is more like a mobile office.

"I carry this milk crate full of cables, microphones, batteries and such. Plus a camera," Stewart explains.

Stewart says he also carries around a backpack with an extra change of clothes and hip waders for those rainy days. A sand bag, reflector and tripod are also packed into his car on a daily basis. There is also a piece of protective gear Stewart carries.

"I never leave home without a bullet proof vest. One for my reporter. One for me. Not everyone is happy to see us," Stewart says.

Police tape helps Stewart keep his shot clear of crowds. He says he also carries around a bag of dog food for any animal control situations.