Cameron County Officials Report 1st Confirmed Travel-Related Case of Zika

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BROWNSVILLE - Cameron County officials announced the first confirmed case of Zika. They said it’s a travel-related case involving a 26-year-old San Benito woman.

In a press release, health officials stated the woman, who is pregnant, contracted the virus after extensive travel in Mexico. Cameron County Health Authority Dr. James W. Castillo said, “All of the available evidence points towards this being a travel-related case.”

He added they don’t believe the woman is at risk of transmitting the virus by mosquitoes based on their current understanding of how Zika is transmitted.

Last week, Cameron County health officials reported a “probable” Zika case. That case involved a 57-year-old Brownsville woman who traveled to Chiapas in December. Her diagnosis was changed to a “probable” Zika case, after the definition of Zika cases was revised on September 1.

Dr. Castillo said the county health department is working with health officials in Mexico to investigate the confirmed case.

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