La Feria Accordion Player Starts New Tradition

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LA FERIA - A member of the La Feria marching band has started a new tradition. It’s just two years old, but fans already eagerly await it each football game. When the third quarter ends, they’re waiting to hear the magic music box.

“Before I’ve even taken up the accordion, we've already got cameras facing our way ready to go. We have people dancing. It’s a great feeling know that we can help support the guys while still doing our music,” said Josue Garcia, the band’s accordion player.

He’s been playing the accordion for about four years. Two years, Garcia gave La Feria Band Director Eddie Benitez an idea. “We had an arrangement of ‘Las Nubes.’ He said, ‘I think my accordion is the same key.’ He brought it in. We practiced it on a Tuesday night. Ever since then, it's just taken off,” recalled Benitez.

Garcia explained, “We grew up at barbecues, at parties, at quinceañeras, at fiestas. Seeing those people and everyone dancing and having a good time, it's something that I really wanted to keep going."

A video showing Garcia playing the accordion at a football game went viral and has more than a million views.

The band director said, “We have a lot of people coming in and saying, ‘Mr. Benitez, thank you for playing ‘Las Nubes’ at the game. We always save it for the fourth quarter. Some people stick around just for that."