Woman on Mission to Save Ducks in Brownsville Resacas

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BROWNSVILLE – One woman in Brownsville is on a mission to care for the ducks in the city’s resacas.

Elizabeth Caro said, “We're losing so many birds and so many ducklings everywhere."

She’s at the resacas almost every day feeding the ducks. At the Barnard Street duck pond, the city recently finished making additions. There’s now a gazebo, duck crossing signs and speed bump.

Caro said even with the signs, people refuse to slow down. “People kill with no compassion, and I'm tired. I'm tired, seeing so many run over and killed,” she told us.

Caro was carrying a plastic bag she used to pick up a duckling that someone ran over. She phoned animal control. A worker stopped by to collect the bag with the duckling.

She added she’s asking the city to reduce the speed limit in the area. It’s currently 20 miles per hour.

Caro said the renovations at the duck pond took way too long and actually harmed the ducks. She told us the wider sidewalks took away too much of the vegetation. “The ducks and birds need plants, bushes for food, grass to protect themselves also,” she explained.

Caro told us she’ll continue to fight for the ducks of Brownsville. She said, “We need to protect them for future generations.”

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