Photographer's Perspective: The Beginning of an Iconic Tradition

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WESLACO- CHANNEL 5 VIEWERS are familiar with the 5 is number 1 gesture. It's a tradition seen at the end of every newscast on CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

"It's your five seconds of fame," CHANNEL 5 photojournalist Elette Garza says.

Garza was interesting in learning where the tradition came from and she found the answer.

"The idea of 5 number 1 came from a view just like yourself. In 1982 a reporter named Leslie Morton and our General Assignments Manager Raul Castelan, her photojournalist at the time, were often stopped by viewers waving and gesturing 5 is number 1. Leslie and Raul recorded these viewers and she thought it was a good idea to use the 5 number 1 for a promo. But Mr. Rick Diaz who was news director at the time decided to do something different in mind," Garza explained.

The video of the gestures were put at the end of every newscast. It's a tradition that's continued for decades.

"These 5 number 1's are really a great tribute to Leslie Morton who lost her life last year after fighting many years of cancer," Garza said.