Cameron Co. Using New Software for Disabled Voters

Posted: Updated: Oct 31, 2016 06:17 PM

BROWNSVILLE – Cameron County is currently using a new software program that allows voters, especially those with vision impairments, to practice filling out their ballots from the comfort of their home.

Cameron County Elections Administrator Remy Garza said the new software program was added to the sample ballot online.

Garza said the program’s audio allows voters to listen to their option on the ballot. He said it also helps them navigate through all the races they are qualified to vote in.

“It is an audio-enabled and multi-language (program). So when someone has difficulty seeing, (they) would be able to have their software that they normally use to read their computer screen to navigate quickly through the ballot, so they can inform themselves as to who is on the ballot in a given race,” he said. “We used to post these as PDFs and in large numbers of pages, and they would be very difficult for those reading software to navigate.

Garza said any voter can utilize the new system to practice how they will cast their vote. He said they can also print their completed ballot at home and are allowed to bring it with them to the polls to use as a reference.

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