Voters Using Provisional Ballots in Fear of Rigged Elections

Posted: Updated: Nov 02, 2016 07:14 PM

MISSION - Rio Grande Valley voters are advised to use voting machines or run the risk of having their vote unaccounted for.

Several voters said they requested paper ballots because they think the machines may be rigged.

Texas Secretary of State Communications Director Alicia Pierce said polling locations are prohibited from using more than one method of voting at the same polling location.

One voter said she chose to vote provisionally. However, Pierce said there is no law on the books that authorizes a voter to get a paper ballot just because they request one.

The communications director said that vote may not get approved by the ballot board unless there are extenuating circumstances.

“One thing I would like to reassure people about is that these machines are safe. They are not connected to the internet,” Pierce said. “You’ll have an opportunity to look and see to review your selection before you push cast ballot… People just need to take their time with those machines. Make sure that everything is selected the way they want.”

The state said voters should not have any concerns with using voting machines.

If voters are having any trouble or issues with the machines they should let a poll worker know immediately.

Pierce said all machines were tested and certified before use. She added they are continuously monitored for their calibration.

If the polling location near you has machines available to cast your vote, you must use it. If you choose to vote provisionally, it may not be counted by the ballot board. 

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