Majority of Votes for President in RGV were Democratic

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WESLACO – President-elect Donald Trump took a hold of the Electoral College in the state of Texas. However, in the Rio Grande Valley Hillary Clinton received the majority of votes from the thousands that were cast.

Voting records showed more than half of the Valley voted for Clinton and Tim Kaine. In the RGV, 281,567 votes were cast.

In Hidalgo County, 69 percent of voters chose the Democratic camp, 28 percent chose Trump and his running mate, two percent went to the Libertarian candidate and one percent to the Green Party.

The voting results in Cameron County came close to Hidalgo County’s results. Clinton and Kaine received 69 percent of the votes, 32 percent voted Republican in Cameron County. The percentage of votes for the Green and Libertarian candidates were virtually the same.

In Starr County there was a big jump for the Democrats with 79 percent of people choosing Clinton, while only 19 percent voted for the GOP. About one percent went to both the Green and Libertarian candidates.

In Willacy County, 67 percent of voters picked Clinton and 30 percent went to Trump. Again, a small percentage of voters went with the Green and Libertarian parties.

Altogether, Texas elected Trump for president. 

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