Photographer's Perspective: Working with the Weather

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WESLACO- Border Patrol agents are often faced with rescuing people who cross the border illegally. Some people are found abandoned by their smugglers and left to die.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS recently traveled to Laredo where Border Patrol agents are teaming up with ranchers to help find the stranded few. They use deer blinds with tags to zero in on a person's location.

Photojournalist Samuel Gauna says the weather was a small obstacle when working on this story in Callaghan ranch.

"I had to make sure I worked fast and kept my equipment dry in this weather condition. Christian also had to do a quick stand-up for this news story he was covering," Samuel said.

The ranch spanned 15 by 26 miles. The news team wasn't able to get into every nook and cranny of the area but they managed to work quickly to get the shots needed for this specific story.