Couple Wants Refund After Faulty Fix to Roof

Posted: Updated: Nov 15, 2016 10:28 PM

PALMVIEW - A new Rio Grande Valley couple said a local business failed to properly install their new roof.

Dorothy Kronschnabel and Jack Whitaker are experienced snowbirds, but this year they decided to settle.

“We moved down here for the warm weather,” she said.

They bought a home that needed a little fixing. The couple said they were approached by a man offering them a deal on a new metal roof.

The couple paid Luna’s Remodeling $6,000 for the new roof, not including additional payments after construction started.

However, Kronschnabel and Whitaker noticed the work wasn’t meeting their standards.

“We confronted him on several issues that we didn’t think were right, such as screws not being long enough. He gave us a line that he was alright, he was doing it right,” Kronschnabel said.

They said in addition to the poor job, they also found out they were being overcharged.

“After we gave him the $836, we found out that we could get that material for a little over $200,” she said.

Whitaker and Kronschnabel said they stopped doing business with Luna’s Remodeling. They reported the company to the Better Business Bureau and filed a police report.

Whitaker said the defects on their new roof shows, especially when it rains. He called the company to look at the problem, but they never showed. He said they’ve been trying to get Luna to repair the work.

“As far as we know, he’s never been by here to look at this lousy job of his because he knows it’s bad,” the couple said. “It’s been really disheartening… I just don’t want it to happen to anybody else.”

Whitaker and Kronschnabel said they want their money back so they can afford to re-do their roof.

“He told the sheriff he’d written on the invoice a no return of monies, but he didn’t and we have proof of that,” Kronschnabel said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to Joe Luna from Luna’s Remodeling. He said he was taking the case to court, since the couple still owes him money.

Luna made no comment about the case.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to South Texas President of BBB, Dolores Salinas. She said ensuring accreditation for the company you hire for any repair or remodel is crucial.

  Better Business Bureau

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