Donna Business Fails to Compensate Woman $10K

Posted: Updated: Nov 16, 2016 07:38 PM

DONNA - A woman is fighting to get her money back from a Donna auto repair shop.

Emma Solis said she took her '95 Northstar Cadillac in for a simple oil leak on April 2014. She said her car is in worse shape than two years ago.

“This is how he left my car after $6,000 worth of work. All the parts are missing. The radiator is gone. Everything is gone,” she said. “This is what he left me. The junkyard won’t even give me $300 for my car that’s $39,000.”

Solis said she decided to take the shop owner of Joe’s Auto Repair, Joe Cruz, to a small civil claims court. She won a $10,000 judgment, but CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned she may never get to see any of that money.

Cruz disappeared after the April court judgment. The shop has since shutdown.

However, CHANNEL 5 NEWS found Cruz’s new place of business, J & M’s Auto Repair in Donna. He said he’s working on getting Solis the money.

“We had to move from the business over there, because business was very slow,” he said.

We also wanted to know what people in the same situation can do to collect money from a court judgment. Attorney Ezequiel Reyna said there aren’t many options.

“It is really difficult in the state of Texas to be able to collect a judgment on certain individuals,” he said.

Reyna said it’s because of legal loopholes in the state.

“You cannot in the state of Texas, for example, garnish wages. You cannot take their real estate, which is your homes, and that becomes really difficult to collect,” he said. “So they’ll just move on the business to a different name or stuff like that… The law protects this new corporation. You sued the old corporation.”

Solis said she went to an attorney for legal assistance. She said they weren’t able to find anything under Cruz’s Social Security number.

On the other hand, Cruz said he will have Solis’ money by February.

Joe’s Auto Repair Shop had an F-rating with the Better Business Bureau. We also found out there were seven complaints on the business.

The president of the South Texas BBB, Dolores Salinas, reminded people to always check the reliability of auto repair shops on the BBB website. They can also call (956) 969-1804 for more information. 

Link: Better Business Bureau

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