Election Canvassing Completed in Cameron Co.

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BROWNSVILLE – The final tally of votes cast during the general election were made official by Cameron County commissioners. The county could have a new judge in a few days.

Cameron County Judge-Elect Eddie Trevino has been waiting since the spring to take office. In just a matter of days he finally will.

Elections administrator Remi Garza said the total of 93,716 votes marked the highest number of votes ever in an election for Cameron County. It means 48 percent of registered voters made it to the polls.

Election Day has been recorded as the highest number of voters in a day in past years. But for this year’s election, Garza said two-thirds of voters cast their vote during the two-week early voting period.

There were also about 3,400 mail-in ballots this year.

All winners will begin their term on January 1. County judge-elect Eddie Trevino is the exception. He may start earlier.

Trevino will be taking over the reigns from Cameron County Judge Pete Sepulveda. Sepulveda was appointed to the seat by Secretary of State Carlos Cascos, who vacated the judge’s seat to take the state office.

Garza said Trevino has to submit a written oath, stating he didn’t coerce anyone to vote for him, take the oath of office administered by a judge and submit a $100,000 bond, as required for any elected official who will deal with money or things of value.

“Your county clerk, your county treasurer, county tax assessor, even the elections administrator has to submit a bond. But primarily the elected county judge is that there are things that his office engages in where a bond is necessary, some form of security that if anything were to go wrong the people of Cameron County would have a recourse in order to recoup their loss,” Garza said.

Garza said he hopes voters will continue to come out in big numbers in future elections. He’d like to reach the 50 percent mark in voter turnout.

There were no major glitches in the election, despite the unprecedented number of voters. Looking forward, Garza said, electronic voting could be introduced to voters in about a year.

As for Trevino, he said he’ll be sworn in on Nov. 23. 

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