Santa Rosa Man Concerned Over School Zone Speedsters

Posted: Updated: Nov 18, 2016 05:42 PM

SANTA ROSA - A Cameron County man said speedy drivers are putting students in potential danger.

Delfino Mendoza said he sees cars drive over the speed limit near Elma E. Barrera Elementary every day. He said he worries about the safety of the children.

“It’s a concern that I’ve noticed ever since I came back, and I’ve noticed that these speeders need to obey the street signs,” he said. “I see so much traffic down 506. It’s gotten so bad that traffic is ridiculous ‘round here. Drivers are going so fast they don’t obey state signs.”

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, more than 600 accidents occurred in school zones last year. They said most school zone accidents are caused by distracted driving, speeding or failure to yield the right of way at stop signs.

Mendoza said he doesn’t want to add to that statistic.

“You need to obey those children too, because it can cause an accident. Somebody can get run over,” Mendoza said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS saw how two vehicles were pulled over by police Friday morning.

Santa Rosa Police Chief Ronnie Hernandez said with a patrol of eight officers, he relies on help from the Santa Rosa ISD Police officers as well.

“We try to be out there as much as we can. Show our presence so they can go the speed limit,” he said.

Hernandez said concerned citizens like Mendoza should reach out to their local police department.

“Come by our office and say, ‘Hey can you guys focus on this area?’” he said.

Mendoza said he hopes drivers will be more aware before it’s too late.

Reminders for Driving in School Zones:

  • Cell phone use is banned in active school zones. Drivers could receive up to a $200 fine where signs are posted.

  • Parents or family members should drop off and pick up children in a designated school area.

  • Always keep an eye on children who may dart across the street or walk in between vehicles. 
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