Photographer Perspective: Challenges of Working Without a Desk

Posted: Updated: Nov 27, 2016 11:19 PM

WESLACO - Driving around is a big part of working as a CHANNEL 5 NEWS photographer. But how do you make an SUV a mobile work station?

CHANNEL 5 NEWS recently worked from Starr County, a DPS trooper and Border Patrol agent were shot.

Our crew had to stay at the scene all day, editing their video, and cutting their story from the scene.

Photojournalist Mark Vecchio explains this can be a challenge especially when you are working off a busy roadway.

"Lucky for Michael, I happened to have my tool box and a chair with me. I used those items to put together a makeshift desk so he could write his story, all while I kept an eye on traffic."

Vecchio adds our crews have to adapt to every kind of situation, to bring the news back to the viewers.