Resident Seeking Answers after Noticing Missing Tax Payment Checks

Posted: Updated: Nov 29, 2016 08:12 PM

WESLACO – A Rio Grande Valley family said thousands of dollars in tax payments are missing and they want to know what happened.

The Garcia family sent three checks for three separate properties and put them in one envelope. They said only one of the checks made it to the Hidalgo County Tax Office.

Priscilla Garcia’s father wanted to get ahead of his property tax payments.

“My dad, he decided to pay his taxes early for next year, so we went and mailed three payments in total. He has three different properties,” she said.

Garcia said they wanted to ensure they were set for the next year, since they were due in January.

She said almost two weeks later her father, Israel Garcia, noticed only one of the checks was cashed.

“And now all of a sudden, they only posted one of the payments and now the other two are missing,” she said.

Garcia said her family wants to know where the nearly $9,000 worth of checks went.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went to the Hidalgo County Tax Assessor Pablo Villarreal’s office. He said it is a unique situation.

“I might be able to get 335,000 statements without problems and sometimes might have a situation, but we’re definitely here to make sure to look at it, to make sure our taxpayer, our community is happy with their payments that are posted properly,” he said.

We asked what could be done to resolve the issue.

“To make sure, for whatever reason we don’t find those checks, they can come over and bring us the new ones. We will go ahead and post it and honor the day that they brought me those payments at that time, because we want to make sure that they pay the base amount with no penalties,” he said.

Villarreal said it was something that they will look into.

“We’ve already taken care of that, anything like that, I’m glad that they called and as matter of fact, Mr. Espinoza advised me that they are coming in to take care of that,” he said.

Garcia said her father has already contacted his bank to void the two lost checks. It cost him $40.

Villarreal said they will work to correct the problem with them.

Garcia said they will be personally delivering their payments from now on to avoid this from happening again.

Villarreal said if someone finds themselves in the same situation, do not hesitate to call the Hidalgo County Tax Office. The problem can be resolved in a timely manner and they won’t be penalized for a late payment.

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