Cowboy Fans Feel Duped after Spending Thousands for VIP Seats

Posted: Updated: Dec 02, 2016 08:19 PM

WESLACO – Some Dallas Cowboys fans are disappointed after paying thousands of dollars for VIP seats to a home game and instead end up in a lounge area.

The families spent nearly $3,000 combined for the Game Day Charter Bus Tour. It included the round-trip ride, hotel stay and VIP tickets to the Cowboys versus Washington Redskins game.

One family said they chose to forego Christmas presents to get the chance to see the game. Instead of watching it from a VIP suite, they wound up watching it in a lounge area at the stadium.

Many fans make their way to the AT&T Stadium on their own. Others choose to head out on game day charter tours.

“We were so excited. We were like, ‘Yeah let’s do it,’” Rosa Hernandez said.

“My mom and I and my brother we were very happy about that,” Cesar Perez said.

Hernandez and Perez both threw down big bucks to get the best seats.

“He said, ‘Oh you know, you’re very lucky, I have that last four VIP passes,’” Hernandez said.

“I had paid for seating ticket. He told me that the seats were going to be too high up and too expensive, so he was going to upgrade us to a VIP package,” Perez recalled.

The combined price tag was $2,938. When they got to the game though, they said they were put in a lounge area of the stadium on the sidelines. However, the families were expecting a much different experience.

“So we got there and I’m like this is it? Where’s the VIP suites and he’s like, ‘You’re here. You thank God you’re here, have fun,’” Hernandez recalled.

“And the view of it wasn’t exactly a VIP view. It was just benches and equipment and other people on the sidelines. We couldn’t see the game, we could only see the game from the big screen on top,” Perez said.

The tickets they were given were “party pass – no seating” and they carried a price of $39.

“It was just one bar there and it was just like a lounge area… It was really a watching-the-game area, it was just like hanging-out area,” Perez said.

The seating isn’t the only thing Hernandez and Perez had an issue with.

“He would take 12 and then he’ll come back and get another 12 and when he took us in, he would take off our passes,” Hernandez said.

“So we were basically stuck there the whole game,” Perez said.

They couldn’t leave the lounge area without their passes.

“When we wanted to leave and go to the pro shop or go buy snacks, we couldn’t because we didn’t have our passes,” Perez said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went to the address listed on the flier Perez gave us looking to speak with David Amador. The disappointed fans said he’s the person who sold them the tickets.

An empty, locked-up office was all we found. So we called Amador and spoke with him.

Reporter: Hi, is this David Amador?

Amador: Who is this?

Reporter: This is Ana Anguiano with Channel 5 News

We explained to Amador the reason why we were calling.

Reporter: For the paperwork it says they were promised some game tickets, includes upper level seats, hotel round trip, free breakfast, to AT&T Stadium. They wound up watching the game from a lounge on a TV.

Amador: Yeah and that was our fault, you know, with seating on the upper level seating that was my fault, I did not order the tickets I thought I had.

Amador did make an offer to the families.

“They can have their complete package back again so that way they can go the next game which is in the upcoming season,” he offered.

The families said they no longer want to be a “game day bus tour” customer.

“If I can get my money back, I would be happy so I can take my family back but the main thing is for people to know,” Hernandez said.

“If they want a refund, they can get 50 percent back. I don’t have a problem with that, so don’t try to make this an issue. It’s not an issue. It’s just my mistake,” Amador stated.

Hernandez said one day she will get her dream trip to see the Cowboys.

The upset customers hope it doesn’t happen again.

We did tell Hernandez and Perez about the 50 percent refund they were offered. Perez said he will be talking with Amador about the offer.

As for Hernandez, she said she is reluctant to do so.

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