Photographer's Perspective: The Luck of a Photographer

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NEAR RIO GRANDE- CHANNEL 5 NEWS photographer Rick Stewart has been in the television business for more than 30 years. Stewart says he's been told on many occasions that he's the luckiest man that ever shouldered a camera. He says he's had his share of good and bad luck.
Recently, Stewart and CHANNEL 5's Christian Von Preysing went down to the river to see what they could find. Stewart quickly noticed he had a nail in his rear tire. After the short delay, they were rolling again. Without that delay, they wouldn't have encountered  what came next. They spotted a path leading to the river. They got off the car and heard noises coming from the river bank. They spotted more than two dozen Central Americans.
Rick and Christian spoke to the people about their journey.
Stewart said hearing their stories made him realize how lucky all Americans are to enjoy freedom and liberties.