La Feria Diabetic Patient Seeks Assistance with Paying for Medication

Posted: Updated: Dec 05, 2016 07:47 PM

LA FERIA – A Cameron County man struggled to get his diabetic medication from his provider but soon received some relief.

Diabetic patients can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for medications every year. Mario Loya said he knows how to get them for a lot less. The wait for approval, however, is causing him concerns.

“When you’re a diabetic, and you’re not taking the medication accordingly, your A-1C can go up, your sugar can go up and this is a lot of stress,” he said.

Loya used to work as a certified medical assistant but fell on hard times.

“Have little or no income whatsoever. So it’s necessary for me to get to Su Clinica to get my medication,” he stated.

The medication he uses adds up though. A 90-day supply of Myrbetriq is about a $1,000.

Loya said he had trouble getting certain insulin diabetes medications through his provider, Su Clinica Familiar.

“They’re not willing to help me through the patient access program of the drug companies,” he said.

Loya said Su Clinica Familiar has a certain type of medicine he needs. It would cost him $7.

“It’s a nominal cost. I don’t deny that. But to have no income and pay $7 is like paying a million dollars,” he said.

Loya was able to get around the medication fees. He applied for the patient assistance program.

“There’s a lot of people that don’t know about the programs that are available to them, especially being in predominately Mexican community where they’re not… they don’t have the know how or resources. I go in the internet and research all this and find information, and then call the companies up and find out if that medication is on the program,” he said.

Loya said he didn’t hear from Su Clinica Familiar for two weeks.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to the clinic. We were transferred to a supervisor. They told us the issue was resolved.

Loya said his application for his new medicine will be accepted.

A patient assistance program is for patients to get medications for free if they are low income, uninsured and/or underinsured. Every pharmaceutical company has certain guidelines that need to be met, as well as approval by doctors.

If approved, pharmaceutical companies can mail medications to the patient free of charge.