Wife Contends Problems Continue at Border after Husband Killed

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FALCON LAKE – Several years ago a couple jet skiing on Falcon Lake were attacked and a woman’s husband was fatally shot.

David and Tiffany Hartley were visiting the lake in 2010. Tiffany Hartley told the police several unknown assailants shot her husband, David, in the head. She was forced to flee.

Her husband’s body has yet to be found.

Two years later, Mexican authorities arrested a leader of the Zetas drug cartel in connection with the shooting. Mexican police believe the Zetas thought the Hartley’s were spies for another cartel.

The sheriff at the time of the killing said he believes the Zetas were after the jet skis.

Hartley said the continuous violence on the border is a constant reminder of the day she lost her husband on Falcon Lake.

“Even today, I think about that day. I play that day in my mind,” she said.

Hartley said the violence is far from over.

“It’s a problem. It was a problem before David was killed and it’s a problem today, six years later,” she said.

Hartley said people from the United States are not immune to the battles across the border.

“They have to figure out how to get the drugs across… They’re going to stop and kill whoever is in their way and, unfortunately, we’re a part of that,” she said.

Hartley said moving forward has been difficult for her.

“I had to figure out a new normal. And I’m still working on that today. I’m still working on the new normal cause I miss David every single day,” she said.

Hartley added she thinks about what happened and the future she and David could’ve had. She said she’s still trying to get a death certificate six years after his death.

According to Hartley, it’s the key to her gaining full closure.

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