Potholes Creating Challenges for Disabled Cameron Co. Resident

Posted: Updated: Dec 07, 2016 11:48 PM

LA FERIA – A disabled man in Cameron County is struggling to drive over massive potholes on his street. He said he can’t find anyone to fill them.

It’s been over five years since LeeRoy Tamez was declared disabled from a back injury. He has learned to live with his disability.

However, he said driving through giant potholes on his street is aggravating his injuries.

He has been using a cane to walk and doctors think he might need a wheelchair. The pain of driving home is one reason he needs the road’s potholes filled.

“I have to back up and then try to work around the hole… There’s no way you can miss them. They’re right in the middle, in the sides, everywhere,” Tamez explained.

Tamez said when he bought the place he called the county. “I can’t remember who I talked to. They were blaming the city of La Feria. I called the city of La Feria and there back and forth,” he said.

Management with the city of La Feria said it cannot fix the road because it is out of city limits. Tamez said that he pays taxes to Cameron County and he believes that would require the county to do the roadwork.

“Since we’re paying taxes, they should fix up the streets at least,” he said.

His neighbors agreed that the street should be fixed by the county.

“No one enters here. Here, we are independent, and no one enters here, no one can help us. I just ask you that you can tell the county to help us,” Margarita Ochoa said.

Cameron County Commissioner Gus Ruiz said though he would love to help, the county cannot legally fix the potholes. The county requires that a road to have 60 feet of right of way to be fixed. The road only has 30 feet.

Ruiz said that one solution would be for Tamez and his neighbors to petition the city of La Feria to annex their roads into the city.

Tamez said that he will talk to his neighbors about getting together and petitioning to be annexed into La Feria.