Retired Bullfighter Continues to Put Together Bullfighting Events

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SANTA ELENA – Last summer, a man celebrated his 80th birthday by facing a bull in a bullring. The sport has been a passion of his and he continues to share it.

It’s February and that’s when the bullfights are on at the only bullfighting ring in Texas. It’s in north Starr County, just west of San Isidro.

Fred Renk is the one who puts the events together. He said he wouldn’t be fighting a bull this time.

“No. I did it on my birthday and that’s it,” the 80-year-old said.

Renk was a matador himself. “I’ve been in it all my life. I was a torero an espirante. My son was the sixth American matador in history, none of them before. David Renk is the only one. The only American who has a full character of matador de toros,” he said.

It’s a bloodless bullfight. None of the bulls are ever killed. But the bullfighter is still advised to be careful.

Renk shares his passion with upcoming and experienced bullfighters.

Pablo Campero, a rising bullfighter, said it’s what he enjoys doing in his life.

The crowds appreciate the fights and the entertainment.

“It’s good. I’ve been here before though. It’s kind of fun to watch. I love it. I love to say ‘ole,’” one woman attendee said.

“The brave blood of a bull comes from the mother. And we see what they did today,” Renk said.

His age isn’t a factor when it comes to helping other bullfights and sharing his passion.

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