Group Creates Dance Exercise Program to Get Healthy

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WESLACO – A group of women from Indian Hills decided to take control of their health by creating a dance exercise program.

They hold a workout class every Monday through Friday at the Weslaco City Park. They said the program was created out of necessity.

“Most of these women cannot afford to go to a gym and pay these fees so they developed something on their own and I’m really proud of them,” Amber Arriaga-Salinas, the assistant executive director of Proyecto Azteca, said.

“A lot of people have high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and obesity causes a lot of health problems, but people come here and they’re really happy because they’re doing better. The cholesterol went away and the high blood pressure went down,” one woman said.

They’ve been meeting at the Weslaco City Park for five months. They said anyone is welcome to join in their dance workout.

They meet at the pavilion near the Boys and Girls Club every Monday through Friday morning from 8:30 to 9:30. 

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