Harlingen Family Concerned after Dead Fish Found Around Water Supply

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HARLINGEN – A Harlingen family said they’re concerned about their water supply.

Resident Vetty Price and her mother told CHANNEL 5 NEWS they see people fishing in Harlingen City Lake.

They said after fishermen learn the fish are in the water for fertilizer, they dump the dead carcasses out.

Harlingen Assistant City Manager Carlos Sanchez said Harlingen City Lake is the city’s water supply. He said fishing there is illegal.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS found No Trespassing signs posted along the lake.

Price said they walk around the lake most days. She said they recently found trash, discarded laundry, dead fish and turtles that can get pushed into the lake.

Both said it’s also affecting their water supply.

“Those fish stayed there for about a week and it smelt terrible. You can ask anyone around here. It was a terrible smell. Our showers smelt. The drainage for some reason it also starts smelling,” explained Vetty.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Harlingen City who told us the water supply is managed by Harlingen Waterworks System. We left a message for them to learn more.

Texas Parks and Wildlife tell us there is a violation for people who fish without a landowner’s consent.

In this case, the city would be considered the landowner. 

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