Lacrosse, You Say

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WESLACO - It's a sport more commonly played in the Eastern time zone of the United States as opposed to Texas or the Rio Grande Valley.  Lacrosse is not a sanctioned sport by the University Interscholastic League.  But, pockets of the sport do exist in Texas.  One of them has sprung up in Weslaco at the Idea Pike campus.  Added as a summer recreation sport, students are learning the game along side with their instructor.  Sometimes described as hockey on grass, what ever it is provides a workout for those that compete.  Much like basketball and soccer, there is plenty of running which makes it a good fitness exercise and a great conditioning workout for other sports.  The students seem to be enjoying this experiment in the sunshine, outdoors and on the grass field.  The story is reported by CHANNEL 5's Ruben Juarez.

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