Donna Woman Receives Answers from A/C Company

Posted: Updated: Jun 27, 2017 07:50 PM

DONNA - A Rio Grande Valley woman said she’s having difficulty keeping her home cool as the temperatures continue to rise. 

Resident Kathleen Morisset said her 15-year-old air conditioner can be seen in her backyard. It’s placed neatly by her garage and reminds her of cooler days.

Morisset wanted to get a new one. She found American A/C and Heating in a magazine ad and they installed her new A/C unit last year.

Since then, she continued to have problems. Morisset claims her air conditioning was working but not keeping her home cool.

"Its 41 percent humidity in the house,” said Morisset."My floor wouldn't be falling apart. We're looking at possibly, having...having to move out of this place, having to remove it because the floor is falling out from under us."

She was having trouble getting a hold American A/C and Heating and claimed she doesn't have a contract or receipt to show proof.

"I haven't gotten any paperwork... They never sent it to me,” said Morisset.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to American A/C and Heating Credit Department Collections Manager Sandra Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said they sent out a receipt and contract.

"If she wants us to resend it, we can. We don't mind. Can you please send it certified this time, please. And give me confirmation after we send it, please," said Rodriguez.  

Rodriguez explained they will work with Morisset to find a solution.

"Its fine, I mean I'll call Miss Morisset and try to see if we can take care of it,” said Rodriguez. 

Morisset wants the job done right this time.

Rodriguez said they sent an inspector out to check on her A/C unit on Tuesday.

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