Woman Gets Answers in Car Problem

Posted: Updated: Jul 13, 2017 11:48 AM

HARLINGEN – A new used car sits in Katrina Conde's driveway. It's always a frustrating task for Conde to start the car. Once the key is in the ignition you can hear the engine trying to turn on. Conde is on a fixed income.

"We got a new car but it's not great. We're trying to fix it," said Conde. 

Conde said she was forced to buy this car after she lost her money from another car dealer.

"Every Monday and Tuesday my husband will go give a $100 down for the car because it was 700 and we'll give him a $100 every week," said Conde. 

The receipts Conde saved shows she paid $700 to budget auto sales for a Grand Marquis. 

"We're doing fine until the last payment and they told us that the car wasn't available," said Conde. 

The budget auto sales manager who didn't want to be named says they did give Conde the signed receipts. He says they will work with the family to give back the money.

"They were given you short payments toward their car and at the end i guess there was just a miss understanding and I guess something got lost in translation so the best thing to is go ahead and return whatever they have given so far," said Budget Auto Sales manager.

Conde didn't sign a written contract. Budget Auto Sales provides contracts.

"Whenever they just giving a deposit and since they didn’t have a car we just give them receipts that way they can have proof of you know that they were giving the payments."

Conde said it's a lesson learned.

"You think it's helpful but in the end it's killing you inside and your hurting and your struggling big time."

Go to a dealership and get a contract.

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