Father Requests School Transfer for Daughter

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EDINBURG – A father said his daughter’s school district isn't allowing her to transfer campuses. He's concerned without the transfer, he may not be able to get his daughter to school every day.

Jesse Araiza is a single father. He said his 8-year-old daughter is the most important part of his life and every decision he makes is for her future.

“Absolutely she is my whole world," Araiza told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

He said three years ago, his daughter started school. He began doing research to find the school he felt would provide his daughter with the best education. He discovered Vanguard Academy Mozart Elementary in Alamo and so far it's proven to be the right decision.

"She's a straight A student. You know, a straight A student," he said.

Araiza and his daughter were forced to move from Donna to Edinburg seven months ago. He said the commute to his daughter's school became difficult due to the distance.

He said he owns an older car that constantly breaks down. He told CHANNEL 5 NEWS he doesn't want the family’s financial situation to affect his daughter's education.

"You can't be tardy. You’re tardy so many days and you’re absence so many days, and you got a whole lot of other problems or issues to be concerned about," Arazia said.

He explained Vanguard Academy has another campus in Edinburg, Vanguard Academy Beethoven Elementary. He said the commute to that school is minutes away from his home.

He's tried to get his daughter transferred to that campus.

"Every time I go in there and mention the word transfer, they say they're not doing transfers right now," Arazia explained.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS headed to Vanguard Academy's central office to find out why Araiza is having difficulty transferring his daughter. We spoke to the district’s superintendent, Narciso Garcia.

He told CHANNEL 5 NEWS he is dedicated to meeting the needs of students. He assured us Jessica Araiza would be enrolled in her new school by the end of the day.

Araiza says he's grateful. "It's not about me, it's about my daughter. That's it, that's what I'm concerned about," he siad.

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