Reunited with a Cup of Good Karma

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SOUTH PADRE ISLAND – Will Everett, a native of Brownsville, and Roin Khurami, a native of Afghanistan and who is now seeking asylum in the U.S., met a few years ago in the war-torn county.

“I was working in Afghanistan as an aid worker and I met Roin, and we worked together informally for about a year,” said Everett.

Khurami told us how working with Everett was affecting other Afghan natives around him, “The security guards, one day they asked me what I’m doing with this foreign guy. He’s not Muslim. People were talking about me. My neighbors, even my families.”

Everett explained the reason why he brought Khurami over to the U.S., “When I left Afghanistan, certain circumstances for him were not good. And I said, ‘You know, I’m going to do what I can to bring you back here.’”

Just this summer, they opened Café Karma, a coffee shop located on Padre Blvd in South Padre Island.

“We had no idea what kind of crush of traffic we were going to have. From coffee aficionados and the kids wanting ice cream. Sixteen flavors of ice cream, lots of great desserts, specialty coffees and the best of all, a very cool, relaxing vibe,” said Everett.

“It’s an awesome country. It’s great,” Khurami expressed his gratitude towards Everett and the U.S. “He helped me even to go to college. And he’s trying to help more with my studies, with my education. I’m looking to become a better person for this country.”

But they can never completely forget about Afghanistan. Khurami’s asylum application has not been finalized.

“We really have no idea how the courts will rule in his case. And I don’t know how I would run this place without him. But that’s out of our hands.”

Everett admits it may take years before Khurami finally get a court decision but they are hoping for the best.

“This guy’s amazing. He’s the embodiment of the American dream,” Everett said.

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