Edinburg HEB Park Serves as Home to Valley’s Soccer Team

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EDINBURG – The new HEB Park in Edinburg is home to the Rio Grande Valley’s semi-pro soccer team – the FC Toros of the United Soccer League – and the team brings in the crowds.

The people filling up the seats said they come to the games because of the excitement and the atmosphere.

“It’s really about the atmosphere,” Toros cameraman, Jonabab Alfaro, said. “There’s a guy with a trumpet. People are having a good time. It’s a great experience.”

All the Toros games are recorded and televised on their own channel.

“It’s not work, it’s pure fun,” Israel Galindo, fellow Toros cameraman, said.

And there are concession stands for people to get refreshments.

“The stadium holds about 9,700 people total and the fans have been coming out to the games. And we’re very excited about the season,” Andrew Burns, the VP for Toros Business Development, said.

The gift shop is a must visit for the team’s fans. They have a variety of merchandise to show support for the Toros.

Mary Lee, who works at the gift shop, pointed out that they recently got a new t-shirt with the Toros logo, available in black and in charcoal.

Burns said the park doesn’t just serve as a place for the soccer team to play.

“We also have an amphitheater where we have a lot of different performances, as well. We have picnic area grounds and things like that for people to enjoy themselves. Even a small park for the kids to play,” he explained. “So this facility holds a lot of different events.”

The Toros cheerleaders also shared their thoughts about taking part of the excitement.

“The atmosphere is amazing. I just love coming out and supporting our RGV FC Toros,” Lauren said.

“It’s awesome to come to the games. The atmosphere is amazing,” Karina said.

“It’s always a bunch of fun and people are always really nice. And like it’s just a good thing to bring the family and have some fun,” Kate said.

The park may be filled with plenty hustle and bustle, but it remains the home for the RGV Toros.