Valley Red Cross Assisting with Evacuees in Corpus.

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HARLINGEN - As Harvey continues on it's destructive path, people here in the Valley are already doing what they can to help out.

The American Red Cross in Harlingen is sending supplies to the Corpus Christi area.

We spoke with volunteers who say they been setting this up since before the storm even became a hurricane.

"Really hit us Tuesday the reality that it was going to come close so we've been at it ever since," said Nancy Meidinger an American Red Cross volunteer.

Over the weekend they gathered supplies locally to send up north.

We spoke with some who made trips up to Corpus Christi while the Hurricane was making landfall in order to set up a shelter.

"I was concerned for a while if I had not left at the time that I did I probably was not going to make it on the road," said Lina Romero the disaster program manager for the American Red Cross.

Romero says their plan right now is to bus food, water, and other essentials from the valley to the Corpus Christi shelter.

"Supplies man power that type of thing so we are working on that right now," said Romero all while Harvey continues to rage on.

"It's really important cause all the stores are closed in that area," said Romero.

While the storm continues it's destruction, Romero says for them this is just the beginning. 

"I'm sure we're going to need volunteers after the storm clears weather it be doing something locally here or in the area of coastal bend," said Romero.

Both Romero and Meidinger expect the relief effort will take several weeks maybe months,

"We need all the help we can get," said Meidinger.

 If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Red Cross you are urged to go to their office in Harlingen at 6914 West Expressway 83.

If you'd like to make a monetary donation visit the Red Cross Donation website. 

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