Man Wants Refund after Pool Not Complete

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EDINBURG- A valley man says he paid a contractor a $3100 down payment. The problem is that contractor never finished the job.
     Nick Macias said it's every fathers dream to make his children happy.He says four kids are his world.
     His youngest Avri is eight years old. He explained she loves water parks. So he and his wife decided give her a treat. 
     "This time lets just go ahead and build our own pool and give her something that she could have her own oasis in her own backyard," he told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.
     Hungry for the best deal, Macias and his wife searched social media for a pool contractor. They found one on craigslist. Macias said the company showed him pictures of what his pool would look like once it was done. He and his wife loved it and signed on the dotted line. The agreement came with a down payment of $3100. 
     "He came tore down half of my fence, broke one of my sprinkler systems while he was here. Dug a hole while he was here that looked like anybody could have done it with a couple of shovels and uh, never came back," Macias explained.
     Macias said that was in early July. Now he's out $3100 and wants his down payment back. We reached out to the pool company to get some answers. Owner Noe Galvan says he couldn't finish the pool due to some bad business decisions.
      "I made a big mistake to try to finance a pool a 3,000 dollar pool or an 18,000 dollar pool with a very little down payment like a big cat," Galvan told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.
     Galvan said the Maciass aren't the only clients he owes money too.He explained this is a very difficult financial time for him and his family, but he is working to repay all of his clients as soon as possible. 
     "No more than 30 days no more than 30 days that's going to be an excellent time," Galvan told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.
     Macias said he hopes Galvan keeps his word. Macias decided to hire another pool company to finish the job. This time they did more research. The new company says his pool will be complete in two weeks. We will continue to speak to both Macias and Galvan to make sure the down payment is returned in the next 30days.

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