Giancarlo Betti

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My name is Giancarlo Betti, and I am a senior at Marine Military Academy. Five years ago, when I was 13 and new to MMA, I set a goal: to become the Battalion Commander. This is the highest position and honor a cadet can achieve. Being from Mexico and unacquainted with the culture and language of the United States, I was at a disadvantage. Nevertheless, I did not allow these conditions to hinder my efforts. Even though I was mentally knocked down at times, I always stood up back up, which eventually led to my promotion as Battalion Commander.

MMA provided me with all the tools and opportunities to reach my full potential. Upon arriving, I joined CyberPatriot, a cybersecurity club which teaches youth how to protect computers from hackers and help fight cyberterrorism. For three consecutive years, my CyberPatriot team made it to the national competition in Washington, D.C.  For my hard work, I was named captain of last year’s CyberPatriot team. I am also a member of two community service organizations: the Leo Club and Rotary Interact Club. Between the two clubs, I accumulated more than 150 community service hours. In my sophomore year, I was inducted into the National Honor Society where I served as secretary and now president.  Though I am highly involved in activities, I have not ignored my studies. I am presently tied for valedictorian for the Class of 2018.

Upon graduating MMA, I plan to move to a new country and attend the Royal Holloway University of London and major in cybersecurity. In this digital age, the demand for cybersecurity experts will only grow. I plan to start my own cybersecurity company so I can fight computer hackers who hurt honest and hardworking people by stealing their personal information and money.