RGV Juniors Volleyball Gives Back

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WESLACO – The RGV Under Armor Juniors Volleyball Club is more than just about playing a game. Club members made their way to the CHANNEL 5 studios Monday with a huge haul of toys.

“We started with a hundred toys our first year,” said club director Oscar Segovia. “Last year we went over 150 and this year, we’re over 200. There’s about 150 people involved and that’s what it’s all about.”

Club director Oscar Segovia has coached hundreds of girls on the volleyball court. He shares the message of giving back to the community. Former players who are now coaches with the club are proud to lead by example.

“Coming back as a coach has been really great,” said coach Emelia Herebia. “I always wanted to give back to the community. And giving back to Oscar, he gave me so much and that example is what I want to give back to the girls.”

“I enjoyed how involved he was with the community,” said coach Sophia Salinas. “How he would go out and do things and how we had partnerships with other people because other clubs don’t do that.”

The stocked boxes of toys they’ve dropped off will help to bring holiday cheer to Valley children.