Border Patrol Says Agent Assaulted with ‘Small Caliber Weapon’

Posted: Updated: Dec 27, 2017 06:27 PM

UPDATE (12/28): The FBI is now assisting in the investigation into an assault of a Border Patrol agent on the Rio Grande. 


BROWNSVILLE – More details are emerging about the assault of a Border Patrol agent assigned to Riverine Unit near Brownsville.

Officials say the gunshot originated from a “small caliber weapon” on the Mexican side of the riverbank.

The agent sustained non-life threatening injuries.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS wanted to take a closer look at what even the smallest caliber weapons are capable of. We went to Rio Grande Valley gun store owner Brian Guerra for clarity.

"In the civilian world, ‘small caliber’ is usually in reference to something .22 to around .380,” said Guerra.

He showed us a small .22 caliber round. We placed it next to a penny for scale. The penny stood taller than the round itself.

Guerra says even at that size, these rounds can be extremely dangerous.

“There isn’t a firearms caliber that is not lethal,” said Guerra.

He said a .22 caliber’s compact design poses a unique threat.

“Many times when they go inside the body, they tend to not exit, and they tend to just kind of bounce around inside,” said Guerra. “They will sometimes not crack the bone, they will just bounce off of certain bones especially if you hit like in the thicker bones, like shoulder blades.”

Border Patrol says the case is still under investigation.

We’re still working to determine the exact weapon used in this crime.

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